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the simple guide keto for beginners
Starting Keto

Keto For Beginners

Starting is the hardest part. So many people have told me how overwhelmed they feel when they consider adopting a ketogenic lifestyle. When you feel confident and ready, keep things SIMPLE at first. Yes, there are a lot of “keto” friendly snacks and substitutions, but avoid them if you can. At least for the first few weeks. Get used to eating simple meals, that make you feel good. Track your macros to get the hang of what foods fit easily into your diet, and to be more aware of what foods may not.

basic tips and trips for starting keto
Starting Keto

Tips and Tricks For Starting Keto

Starting my keto journey I didn’t over complicate things, I instead focused on increasing my fat consumption and no longer eating foods with a glycemic response. I used the Carb Manager app to track my macros. My target was to stay under 20g of carbs, and my percentage goals were 70% fat, 20% protein, and 5-10% carbs. Personally, as a chronic dieter keto quickly felt like I got to cheat at every meal. I frequently find myself going “back to the basics” and I am always grateful when I do.